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Anthony Venitis

Atenas - Grécia
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Who is Anthony Venitis?

Great Question

Awarded as the Best Wedding Cinematographer Worldwide for 2020, Anthony is a passionate international wedding videographer. Overt the last years, his award-winning work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Junebug weddings, Wedding Chicks, 100 Layer Cake and more.

Anthony is considered one of the Top 5 wedding cinematographers in Europe and has captured events and created content famous CEOs, TV starts (recently shot the wedding video for Lucy Watson), athletes and other high-profile celebrities. He has found his passion in traveling to places like France, Italy, the Caribbean to document special occasions and luxury weddings in order to visually explain the unique journey of his couples.

Renowned for his unending creativity, he has the unique ability to capture the true magic of a wedding day by adding the emotional dynamism of his technique. He sees the human being with love and empathy, thus making storytelling to be remembered for a lifetime. He has the innate ability to combine imagination, soul and technical skill, thus bringing out the most beautiful self in everyone. Plus, Anthony, never restrains himself and never ceases to go beyond his limits and bring out the unpredictable. As an international wedding videographer, he loves adventure, in every way that it can be expressed, and finds beauty and happiness in the littlest things that surround him – from his children’s’ hugs, to a Greek dish, a rainy day in Athens city centre, and so on. Positivity is his drive, incorporating it in pretty much every aspect of his personal and professional life. An expert in international weddings and corporate unique video making, Anthony’s work is known for bringing out an extreme emotionalism to the viewers.



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